– “world’s platform for change”

This is where anyone from the online community can create a petition and ask other to sign it. During the past time petitions are only done through singing a paper, usually done by a group asking for signature via travel.

  • gives access to more people by allowing the online community to affix their digital signatures on a petition.

Mission : to help people from around the world create the change they want to see.

For years, hosted several petition that help solve the following problems such as : economic problems, criminals injustice, abuse of human rights, lack of education, environmental concerns, animal abuse, human health concerns, and world hunger.


  1. Visit Change.org5
  2. works this way. If this is your first time, click Sign Up or log in with Facebook. Otherwise just input log-in details.nicelydone-change-sign-up.jpeg
  3. You can now start your own petition, but for now, click on any petition you want under trending petitions.
  4. Read the petition description to see if petition matters to you. If it is, sign the petition by filling up the information on the right side of screen.change.org_ (1).png
  5. Share the petition on Facebook to promote it.facebook-button-for-petition.jpg




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