ICT has played a vital role in making campaigns successful in some nations such as the PHILIPPINES that shows unity call to action or social change. ICT has been evident in many events such as follows:

  1. EDSA – People Power Revolution11

    EDSA lasted from 1983 to 1986.. During a radio broadcast of Radyo Veritas,Cardinal Sin encouraged the Filipinos to help end the regime of then President Ferdinand Marcos. A major protest took place along EDSA from February 22-25, 1986 involving two million Filipinos from different sectors. These included civilians, political parties, the military, and religious groups. The radio broadcast helped change the course of history. Without it, Filipinos would not have been moved into action. 

  2. EDSA Dos


    This is also known as the EDSA Revolution 2001 during January 17-21,2001. It was also fueled after 11 prosecutes of then President Joseph Estrada walked out of the impeachment trial. As a result, the crowd in EDSA grew over the course of a few days through text brigades. Like the first People Power Revolution, Edsa Dos would not have been successful without the text brigades.

  3. Million People March3.jpg

    This is a series of protests that mainly took place in Luneta Park from August 22 to 26, 2013. There were also several demonstrations that happened around key cities in the Philippines and some locations overseas. It was to condemn the misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). Though dubbed as the Million people March, the number of total attendees was only around 400,000. Despite that, it was still considered a success and clearly demonstrated how powerful social media campaigns are. The organizers and promoters of the Million People March used Facebook and Change.org as their medium.

  4. Yolanda People Finder

    4Recent storms in the Philippine history gave birth to the People finder database powered by Google. During typhoon Yolanda, the People Finder was a vital tool for people across the globe to track the situation of their relatives. This proved to be successful and is now adopted by more organizations to help people track relatives during calamity.


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